The Math Club is established for the purpose of fostering a greater understanding of mathematics, encouraging undergraduate activity in math research and related mathematical experiences, and providing a social and intellectual forum to all students interested in experiencing math.

What is Math Club?

Math Club is an extracurricular organization at the University of Maryland - College Park. Our philosophy is that anyone with any level of interest in mathematics should have the opportunity to share their interest with like-minded peers. For this reason, Math Club membership is open to all students. There are no prerequisites to join the club.

What does Math Club do?

We hold weekly meetings where our members enjoy various activities which are detailed below.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be holding biweekly Zoom meetings.

Join the mailing list on the left for more information about when and how to join these meetings! Also be sure to join our organization on TerpLink.

Problem Solving

Undoubtedly, problem solving is at the heart of our club. We encourage our members to solve problems both in our meetings and with our online problems page. Last semester, we had themes during some meetings where we posed problems from specific fields (e.g., Combinatorics, Calculus, Geometry). This semester, we are considering the introduction of "Bring Your Own Problem" days.

Student Talks

At our meetings, members give talks on topics of their choice. In the past, speakers have talked about Rubik's cubes, imagining four dimensional space, integer partitions, mental calculations of roots, the sequence 1234321234321234321...., continued fraction expansions, and efficiently computing fibonacci numbers.

Guest Talks

Last semester, we organized a few guest talks. Namely, Professor Harry Tamvakis gave a talk on integer partitions, Professor Clyde Kruskal gave a talk on the mathematics of bridge, and Professor Tom Goldstein gave a talk on the countability of sets. We have more in store for this semester!

When does Math Club meet?

We meet Wednesdays from 5pm to 6pm in Room B0421 of William E. Kirwan Hall (The Math Building).

Meetings are now scheduled to be held biweekly. The day and time will be decided by ballot.

Feel free to drop in on any meetings that you can!

How do I get involved?

Send an email to us at mathclub [at] umd [dot] edu expressing your interest. There are no requirements to join besides an interest in math!

I want to give a talk at Math Club. Can I do that?

Sure! We'd love to hear what you have to say. Send us an email at mathclub [at] umd [dot] edu that includes a short description of your proposed talk.